Lotto Jesus

And then the sign of the Son of man will be seen in heaven: and then all the nations of the earth will have sorrow, and they will see the Son of man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. 

Mat 24:30

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Take a fresh look into how one angels rebellion (Lucifer,Satan) caused so much pain in the human race and in the Fathers heart. Then what God did about this wicked act to reverse the impact on mankind. 'The Rise and Fall of Satan the Accuser' will help you overcome the accuser and bring a solid hope to your life and purpose.      

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It has been my observation that most doctrines concerning satan (the devil) and his association with fallen mankind are incomplete and lack some important truths. Existing doctrine make the rebellion of satan and the fall of man separate in their origin. Most foundation teachings tell or at least imply that satan rebelled and was cast out of heaven before the creation of man. While this teaching has not been overruled thus far, I feel it important and even necessary to bring some insight to the subject. My reasoning is in hope that it will bring more response to the heart of born-again believers to their role in the plans of God in the earth. We are called to be an overcoming people to God’s Glory. Would it fuel your desire to overcome satan if you knew that you were not just a bi-product that he pulled in on his own rebellion, but that we were very much involved in his wickedness totally when it began. Satan: comes from a base word meaning to attack or accuse. Tony L Smith