Word for Jesse and Us

Some of our greatest gifts fall through the cracks. I. like many others feel as if we weren't aware of the important things going on around us. This is a prophesy I received for Jesse. To me, this is how the heavenly Father saw him.

Jesse missed his call due to an untimely death, many of us let our calling die within our hearts while we are still alive. To him that have ears, let us hear!

Jesse's prophecy below

Dec 25, 2015

A Fathers Heart

Jesse. As a captain of a great ship does in carrying a vessel full of lots of people, you also will secure a place for many younger and some older hearts to travel to their destiny and purpose in living. As your compassion will welcome and accept, your tenderness will allow mercy to flow. Your strength will secure a firm place to stand, and your vision will infuse hope in the soul of others. As your vessel comes to the top of the rough seas of this world and you feel the winds of grace blowing in your sails your course will become clear you will no longer desire the turmoil in tempest of confused desires because your eyes will be filled with the fire of a fulfilling purpose. A father you are, and a father you will be, the evidence is already beating in your heart.

You also have the cry of son-ship inside of you, knowing that there is more to life than what you have known. You know you are like the father of all, and the Father of All would have it no other way.