'Robin Guiney' Chidren's Book Illustrator

April 13, 2011

Robin Guiney, Children’s Book Illustrator

I ran across Robin on http://www.ifreelance.com/ while I was looking for an artist to draw a unique book cover for my book ‘The Rise and fall of Satan the Accuser’. Although most of Robins work was for children’s books I did find a sample picture she had did that was similar to the image I wanted for my book.

After contacting her we agreed on price and what needed to be done to the existing picture and she was was off to work. She worked quickly, I lot quicker than I would have. She made adjustments and sent me sample after sample. I provided ideas and she provided ideas until we came up with my desired outcome, even then I had several different versions to choose from.

Robin was very easy to work with and very supportive of my ideas. She was a true blessing to the finished product of the book. To see more of Robins work, go to http://robinguineyillustrator.com/


Tammy Ratzken (painter), by Keith Ratzken

January 8, 2011

  It is not often I can showcase Tammy in our newsletter, but I wanted to share with you some of the magnificent things that she has been doing throughout the year. She is certainly a wonderful bride and I am blessed beyond measure to have her by my side in everything I do, and I am also joyfully by her side; together we are one in Him.

   After 18 years of marriage I must say that I am just as captivated by her as the day we met, actually more so. This woman of God has sacrificed so mu...

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