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Some thoughts about the Kingdom

Posted by Tony L Smith on Friday, December 31, 2010,

  I find there is still a lot of confusion among people concerning the Kingdom of God, or the Kingdom of Heaven.
   Far too many still believe that the Kingdom is the organized church, or organized religion. Some are just satisfied to believe it is the life after death in heaven.
   Kingdom means dominion of a King. If the organized church or religion is the Kingdom of God, then we have a very weak Kingdom, and a weak King.
   These manifestations of church and religion that we have seen thus fa...

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The Door of Repentance

Posted by Tony L Smith on Wednesday, December 29, 2010,


   It would be real bad if there was no way to repent, meta neo, or change ones mind. What if we were forever stuck with the results our thinking has brought in our lives. This would be a place of no mercy, no hope. It would be a way of life you could not change.
   So the ability to repent is a gift from God, an open door to come out from a way of thinking and into a better way of thinking.
   Our way of thinking has led to our actions, which have caused the results in our lives, yes ev...

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Lucifer, the price of the power of the air

Posted by Tony L Smith on Tuesday, December 7, 2010,
  There is much mystery concerning this ancient creature called Lucifer, Satan, anointed cherub, the devil, Bezebul, the price of the air, fallen angel,and the father of lies. Since he is a created being, then its evident that God created him.
   There is not a whole lot of recorded information concerning his creation or his existence.
    Since the time frame concerning him being cast out of heaven is not recorded, then maybe the act is going on right now!! Maybe this angel's fall from heaven ...

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