Seven Step Creation Technique at Work Within You

Posted by Tony L Smith on Sunday, September 6, 2015

This is a formula for creation that presently operates in your life. This formula operates whether you are aware of it or not. It is how you create your world.

The purpose of this post is not to bring understanding to all the foundational teachings concerning each part of the formula. Many books have been written about each of these steps and still much is left unexplained. A lot of the understanding you will already know anyway as you read. Some of the steps will wet your appetite to know more about these awesome things that we are made up of.

The purpose is to bring you closer to the awesomeness of how we are created and how powerful we are even when we don't know all the rules. Yet to know the rules and the liberty we are given to operate in them makes our footing more sure, as if we are standing or moving upon a rock.

1. The I Am

2. The desire

3. The conception

4. The imagination

5. Being consciousness

6. The new reality being formed

7. Rest

 One. The I am

In the creation story recorded in Genesis it is said the during the sixth day that God formed man out of the dust of the earth. Then God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul. Man became an 'I am' made out of the dust of the earth. A man of flesh with the breath of 'I am'.

Of all the creatures that God made whether mammal, fish, reptile, insect, or bird none carry’s the 'I am' that man carries.

This 'I am' is the essence of the Father. This 'I am' created or formed all things seen and all things unseen. Yet this 'I am' is uncreated and unformed, its formless. It is hard to describe the 'I am' because the description would have to be made out of things formed or created. The formed can not explain the formless, for the 'formless formed the formed'. Anyhow, enough of that useless thinking, lets move on.

Two. The Desire

The I am creates the desire. Sense the 'I am', the formless has no one to answer to then it becomes first cause and only cause. Desire means 'of the father' or 'to sire'. The desire is the longing to create or move forward with a intended outcome, an intention. The desire carries the whole plan or DNA or the finished product or outcome. The end is in the beginning you might say. The desire is the forming of the seed or word. It is the first extension of the 'I am' or 'the father'.

 Three. The Conception

The desires creates the conception of the intended outcome. In our case it would be the conception of the new man, or the Christ within. The conception is the picture or a detailed image of the thing desired. It is the determined order of the play or movie in vivid detail. The conception could be a movie of any thing you wanted to be or any life you wanted to live. Within yourself the marriage bed is undefiled. (Please keep what's being said in context). By undefiled, I mean the seed will conceive if the process is completed.

Four. The Imagination

The conception causes sparks to fly, sirens to sound off. The imagination comes alive. Everything that was present is in chaos. Vision is embellished. Hope is stirred. Emotions spike off the charts.

This is where the promise is felt for the first time in expectation of whats been conceived. This is where the feelings become engaged is the process.

The power of sacrifice

This is the arena I'm sad to say that we can lose or abort the conception. Maybe its because of the radical change that is going on inside. We are having to sacrifice most all the things we have clung to, giving up so much, comfort has run away like a kicked dog. We wonder what is going on. All the feelings are up and down. We wonder if its worth it. The thing we desired and conceived is now killing us.

The choice has to be made to endure the pain of growth and of new direction. We have to choose to accept the new concept of yourself and forget the old one. We lay down our will for a deeper will that is now alive within us. We change our diet (thoughts) to fortify the new image created in our being. We ultimately realize that we were made for this new thing and have been given all the tools to bring it to pass. 'Shall I conceive a thing and not bring it to pass Isa 66:9'.

The tools

Imagination with the feeling of already being who you desire to be, instead of who you think you are now.

Assumption. Assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled.

Steady vision. Every time you lose vision, get it back.

Attention. Strength flows where attention goes.

Focus brings more power and clarity to the conception.

Five. Being conscious

The goal of the imagination is to become conscious of the new. Become consciously aware of the new conception being manifest. Consciousness brings manifestation. Everything you live in or with now is because that is what you are conscious of. If you were conscious of something else, then you would live and abide in that. Consciousness is what your world is made of.

Your consciousness is your faith, it is the substance of the result. When consciousness of the new concept is achieved, the manifestation is taking place. You can't believe to receive something you aren't yet conscious of, because the substance (faith) is not mature yet, or its premature. When you become fully conscious of the new, then your faith is completely formed (it has substance).

Six: New Reality

Consciousness brings a wholeness of thought to the new reality. A great feeling of well being. A knowing or intimacy with the new concept of yourself. Your eye has become single and you are full of light. Fighting has ceased. You have passed through the veil of the old and have entered into the desire fulfilled.

Seven. Rest

The battle is over. You won. Now creation has taken over and the manifestation is happening before your eyes. Now is the time to enjoy the fruit of your labor.

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