Grace in the Eyes of the Lord

Posted by Tony L Smith on Friday, March 13, 2015

Grace In the Eyes of the Lord

Ahh.. The Grace of the Lord, such an awesome yet misunderstood concept. We usually think that the Grace of God means the mercy of God, and that it causes the Lord to turn a blind eye to our imperfections. Sometimes we think that it means that God saved us and is going to bless us regardless of our disobedience.
While the above thoughts have some truth to them, they are not the whole truth about Grace.
Lets look a little closer.
 Gen 6:8  But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD. This is the first time such a scripture is recorded. Normally I have read or interpreted this only from God’s side of the equation, meaning God decided, because of Noah’s heart or character that he was going to show Noah favor. 
But I now believe that this Grace of the Lord was always there. It says that Noah found Grace in the Eyes of the Lord. It would appear that the fact that Noah was looking (seeking and knocking) that the door was opened to the precious heart of the Lord. Noah found the sweet spot in the eyes of God and God did not turn him away (John 6;37). 
This of course led to God revealing His plans to Noah. 
So my next question is, was that grace there for whoever would seek it out? of course it was! Noah just happened to be the only one looking. Am I looking, are you looking? It's there in His eyes, we are the ones who must find it. 
So what does this grace contain:
  • Of course it contains mercy, we couldn't even get in the game if it wasn't for mercy.
  • It means God turns a kind eye toward you.
  • It means He opens up a line of communication to you.
  • It means God starts showing you favor.
  • It means He gives you the ability to overcome. Overcome what?, any thing you need to. Sin, depression, sickness, poverty, loneliness, lack of direction,.. Well you get the picture. 
  • It means He starts giving you direction concerning your life, and then the lives of others
  • He makes your heart more pliable, thus making your prayers more powerful. 
  • He turns you into something usable, loveable, and adorable.
  • Basically, He puts Himself inside of you, animating you with His mind to do the things necessary in every circumstance.
  • He uses you to make a show openly of the devil, causing you to overcome at all times, as Jesus did, thus setting the standard.
I know, I know. This don’t sound much like our Christian lives. So what’s missing. 
Maybe it is just a lack of faith and obedience. You know its kinda hard to possess something you don’t really believe exist.
It seems that we think it means God just gives us a rope to hold onto untill we can get out of here.
  • It the kindness of God that leads to a transformed mind (repentance). 
  • Its a transformed mind that leads to victory, thus making us a honorable use in the Kingdom of God. 
So my point is, quit using the grace of God as an excuse to live a mediocre life. You are no longer a mediocre person, you are a person of royal seed, destined to win. Honor God in all you do by taking back the land the accuser has stolen. You are saved by Grace which was started by mercy. Don’t leave the power (grace) laying around thinking its just another way to say mercy.
Use the grace of God to Win!   

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