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Posted by Tony L Smith on Friday, December 31, 2010

  I find there is still a lot of confusion among people concerning the Kingdom of God, or the Kingdom of Heaven.
   Far too many still believe that the Kingdom is the organized church, or organized religion. Some are just satisfied to believe it is the life after death in heaven.
   Kingdom means dominion of a King. If the organized church or religion is the Kingdom of God, then we have a very weak Kingdom, and a weak King.
   These manifestations of church and religion that we have seen thus far are a poor shadow of the true heart
of God.
   So the Kingdom must be something greater, more alive, more powerful than what we have experienced thus far on any organized level.
   No doubt, some have tapped into the wisdom and power of this Kingdom, but to say that the Kingdom of God is manifesting in its full power or His full will would be to say that God really doesn't want to change things on earth in a great way.

   That would make it seem like God only wanted us to see that He is God, and maybe He can do anything He wants to, but he really don't want to help His creation a whole lot, or that He really doesn't want to set up a right Kingdom on the earth.
   This certainly can not be true of a loving God. Our understanding about His Kingdom must change. Although His Kingdom is not a physical Kingdom, it is definitely visible as it manifest.
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