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The Cleansing Work of the Jordan

Posted by Tony Smith on Monday, January 25, 2016,

Between the “needy you” and the “victorious you” is a river that separates the two. The Bible calls it the Jordan river. It separated the wilderness from the promised land.

The promise of successful and happy fulfilled life is inside of you. It is inside of you, but in seed form, undeveloped or like an embryo but nonetheless the complete DNA of a victorious rich life. The passage way to the life embedded in you is always through a Jordan. If you did not sense the possibility of a ri...

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What is Word?

Posted by Tony L on Saturday, October 24, 2015,

What is word?

When we think about words we naturally think about the things we say. We think about talking and we imagine that speaking is the most powerful thing there is to do.

We don't really understand what word is.

Let me take you to two different statements Jesus made concerning our words

1. Jesus told the religious rulers of his day that they honor him with there mouth, but there heart is far from him. By saying this he implied that they were lying because what they said didn't ag...

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Understanding of man swept away

Posted by Tony L Smith on Sunday, March 20, 2011,

This word came March 19,2011, but I realize it had been around for a long time, I just decided to step up to the plate and release it.
The word is alive and quickening, the awakening has begun
More, more, more as the tidal waves of divine understanding crumbles the understanding of man, yes even the so called Christian ones. If God isn’t more, then who is, us? Understanding will be shaken, revelations heightened as principals laid up by man will be swept aside.
More, more, more who possibl...

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