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Take up your cross and walk into life

Posted by Tony Smith on Tuesday, January 3, 2017,

Take up your cross and walk into life

Or Repent (Meta Neo)

The kingdom message begins with change the way you think (repent) for the kingdom of God or heaven (expanse) is at hand or upon you. John the baptist preached it and Jesus himself preached it also. It has not for the most part been the message we have preached though. We have preached “believe in Jesus and accept him into your heart so you can be forgiven and go to heaven when you die” We have somehow made the gospel seem like a...

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The Door of Repentance

Posted by Tony L Smith on Wednesday, December 29, 2010,


   It would be real bad if there was no way to repent, meta neo, or change ones mind. What if we were forever stuck with the results our thinking has brought in our lives. This would be a place of no mercy, no hope. It would be a way of life you could not change.
   So the ability to repent is a gift from God, an open door to come out from a way of thinking and into a better way of thinking.
   Our way of thinking has led to our actions, which have caused the results in our lives, yes ev...

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