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God's desire living in us

Posted by Tony L Smith on Sunday, December 6, 2015,

Ever since I came to the Lord which was many moons ago and I learnt the Christian lingo, there was these unspoken thought patterns about words and their good or evil meanings that I picked up. Being a man that had his own struggles with sin and trying to get a Christian grip on things I leaned toward the negative side of the word passion and the word desire. To me they just mostly fit into the category of sin.

I finally overcame my one sided view of passion as I came to understand passion f...

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Discerning the works of a religious spirit

Posted by Tony L Smith on Friday, April 1, 2011,
Wow, Its like every time I read a book about religious spirits I see areas in my life where this spirit has influenced me. From thinking I'm more spiritual than others to fearing the life someone else is living before God because I knew I wasn't living in the liberty that I should be.
This book by Dave Viljeon was no exception. Many different ways that a religious spirit are explored in Dave's writings. Freedom from this spirit is nessesary if we desire to walk in the fullness of what God des...

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