Take up your cross and walk into life

Posted by Tony Smith on Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Take up your cross and walk into life

Or Repent (Meta Neo)

The kingdom message begins with change the way you think (repent) for the kingdom of God or heaven (expanse) is at hand or upon you. John the baptist preached it and Jesus himself preached it also. It has not for the most part been the message we have preached though. We have preached “believe in Jesus and accept him into your heart so you can be forgiven and go to heaven when you die” We have somehow made the gospel seem like a “get out of hell free card” to use whenever we are feeling unworthy or a little sinful etc.. We use it when we feel we are not measuring up to God's standards or our own standard for that matter.

Most all the gospel deals with the same thing which is sin or (missing the mark). Jesus came that you might have life and that more abundantly. He didn't come to cover your shortcomings or turn a blind eye to your condition of always missing your mark (sin).

We Christians seem to think we fulfilled the scripture of repentance because we accepted Jesus, stopped doing some of the nonproductive things we were doing and started attending church. We think “we are in the kingdom now, those scriptures are to get others saved and in the same ship we are in”.

I believe we have missed the heart of God. It's like we got introduced to a famous person and then ran off to tell others about him while he stands there in amazement waiting on you to come back so he can walk you into the real life that he promised.

There are not two Gospels.

We have unconsciously divided the scripture into two parts.

1. The first part is to accept Jesus into your heart, let him forgive you of your sins. This is your ticket to heaven and life after death.

2. The second part is all the stuff the new testament is filled with. Its just good teachings on how to live while we finish out our time on earth being a good servant of God.

Why have we watered down the heart of God and have not acknowledged the whole truth. The teaching of the new testament and the whole pattern of the old are all about living life to the fullest. The new testament reveals the steps to go from “a pattern of falling short of the glory of God” to “walking in the fullness of God's glory”.

  • I no longer believe that Jesus did everything for me but doesn't have to do it in me.

  • To give me a robe that covers my failures is not the transformation that the scripture promises.

  • To think I'm OK without the transformation is to still believe a divided gospel.

  • If I'm still a failure that is “saved by Grace” as we say that gets to go to heaven, then I will be sorely out of my element (out of place) when I get there. I will be full of shame and shortcomings surrounded by victorious being's who's light not only blinds me but exposes my true belief “I'm a failure” I am still separate from God and not one with him which is what Jesus prayed for.

There is no doubt however that forgiveness is the door to that life more abundant. Without forgiveness of sin (the many times you miss the mark) there would be no hope of hitting your goals, desires, or even realizing the ideal you which is Christ in you the hope of glory.

So getting back to the steps to take once you understand the promise, believe it has actually been given to you, and you have the ability to live it.

The whole new testament is full of clues, teachings, parables and commands to get you conscious of walking as Christ.

The door of repentance is always open. At any time you can take up your cross (crucify your opinions and your need to be right) and follow Jesus, or you might say the Christ within you. The Christ within you is that well of living water Jesus talked about. It is also the vine that you are to abide in. It is also the Holy Spirit who will lead you into all truth. It is also the cry of son-ship that calls out Abba, Father. It is the essence of God buried deep inside you that wants to come forth.

The familiar path and the powerful path.

A popular thought in many circles and churches is that the well beaten path, or the wide way to destruction that many travel on is talking about how the rest of the world are living. A reckon sometimes that thinking fits. A harder thought to see or accept is that much of the time that well beaten path is the very path that religion has trodden and to step off of it might be dangerous to our acceptance from others we have respected. But you know a seed will not even take root and sprout unless it gets off the trodden down path, where every one always follows the rules but no one stands in the true stature of who they are. To separate yourself from the world is not to gather you up in a church and pile you high with a bunch of warnings about things you should avoid.

You are an expression of God, no one else like you. Its just you are not the same expression as I am or anybody else. To be true to the kingdom seed is to be true to the real you emerging or Christ within. As there are not two snowflakes alike, then there are not two of us alike. An orange tree and an apple tree may be similar but the orange tree can not show the apple tree how to bear apples. The apple tree has its very own unction from the holy one that allows it to be all its meant to be.

Shall God bring the real you to term and not let your real call be birthed.

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