The Believers Achilles Heel

Posted by Tony L Smith on Wednesday, January 12, 2011


    Very early on in my walk with the Lord after my initial salvation experience, I learnt the need for forgiveness. Forgiveness for myself and the need to continually forgive others. Forgiveness seemed to the crux of the Gospel. It seemed to make this new relationship with our Lord work better. It made the initial sweet experience almost repeat itself over and over.

   My reasoning that came with help from the scriptures stated that to continue to experience this forgiveness of God, ‘I must forgive others’. For me not to forgive others would mean that I was unthankful to the Lord for forgiving me. I was very thankful for this new life that I was experiencing, and I did not want to mess it up in any way.

  Of course all along the way, as life goes on, opportunities to forgive continued to show itself. Also, if I understand it clearly they will continue to be opportunities to forgive as I walk my life out. Everybody don’t just get perfect just because I forgave a few folks to show my appreciation for being forgiven.

   The Lord’s prayer states that we ask the Father to forgive us as we forgive others, not in spite of myjudgmental and unforgiving heart. If we repent or stop judging others, then mercy flows our way, and not before. This is true especially after we received the initial experience of forgiveness.

   In the parable of the servant who owed his lord ten thousand talents, the servant begged for and received forgiveness for his debt. He went out and demanded payment from fellow servant who owed him a lot less, even after his fellow servant begged for forgiveness. Of course when news got back to the Lord, the first servant was delivered to the tormentors till he pay all that was due from him. Matthew 18 verses 23-35

   Wow, do you realize that the things we have been forgiven from cannot be paid for. Torment or hell can be the only thing that awaits the unforgiver.

   The only payment excepted before the Throne is the complete forgiveness of others from a thankful heart. Let them go! Forgive the debt, no matter how your heart tells you that you are being mistreated.

   No mercy out, no mercy in. No forgiveness out, no forgiveness in.

   Unforgivenss = no power in prayer. Did you know that you are unable to receive when you hold others in judgment or unforgiveness. Mark 11 verses 22-26

   These verses promise the rewards of faith, then verses 25 & 26 ends with forgive others so that your heavenly Father will forgive you.

  If I cannot keep others in my heart with a clean slate, then I will not have a clean slate before my Father. I will not be able to receive the goodness of God in my life. Death, destruction, failure, inability, shortage, lack, and torment will be my portion till I learn this lesson.

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