The Cleansing Work of the Jordan

Posted by Tony Smith on Monday, January 25, 2016

Between the “needy you” and the “victorious you” is a river that separates the two. The Bible calls it the Jordan river. It separated the wilderness from the promised land.

The promise of successful and happy fulfilled life is inside of you. It is inside of you, but in seed form, undeveloped or like an embryo but nonetheless the complete DNA of a victorious rich life. The passage way to the life embedded in you is always through a Jordan. If you did not sense the possibility of a richer, more powerful life then you would never approach the Jordan of death.

The purpose of the Jordan is to kill the very thing that has kept you out of the blessed life thus far. It is impossible to avoid the Jordan if you are to be successful. There is no short cut around it, this Jordan will have its prey. The over-comer will always find themselves in the waters of the Jordan. Do not fear, do not shrink back or be dismayed while entering the confusion of death the Jordan holds. Either you know you are commissioned to reach the other side or you die in the waters of transition. Keep your eyes on the desired promise even when you may seem to be sinking. Promise will keep your heart steadfast when you feel like the waters might drown you. The trick is to allow the Jordan to do its job and not fight it, allow it to cleanse you of all that has hindered you up till now. Part of you will die, but you don't have to stay or lay in that death.

Elijah continually caused the waters of the Jordan to part. To me this means he had already overcame this death. Thus Elisha followed in his footsteps and overcame the waters of the Jordan.

John the forerunner for Jesus baptized many in the Jordan river. Baptism being an example of death to the old and a raising to new life. Jesus himself submitted to this process of death to the old and resurrection to the victorious life. The priest carrying the arc of God stepped into the waters of the Jordan and they parted. The priest carried the promise for all Israel.

You may submit to the process while knowing its not an enemy doing this to you. It is like a fire of purging that tempers you for victory. But know this, the waters of the Jordan will change you or it will kill you. It will serve you well to leave the old man in the water.

Jesus said take up our cross daily, I believe he was speaking of the same process. A process that came become a habit of victory in every situation. Things come off of you going through the Jordan, it is a symbol of the cleansing of sin, or the act of missing the mark. So what comes off you in the Jordan of death is only the things that have caused you to miss the mark. In your promised land you “hit the mark” confusion is shed, unforgiving is shed, fear is shed, suspicions are shed, and clarity is restored maybe for the first time.

The promise the scriptures speak about is not eternal life after you die, is eternal life while you live and breath. The by and by will be there don't worry. The trick is not to interpret most of scripture to talk about the after life because you don't believe you can live hitting the mark while you still breath. We need full salvation of the soul now, not after we die.

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