The Cry of Son-ship

Posted by Tony L Smith on Friday, October 23, 2015

Deep cries unto deep

Years ago a pastor friend of mine was sharing something he saw while watching a Star Trek episode in which the Enterprise was looking into a gigantic probe that was making a weird sound that wasn't legible to anyone. The noise the probe was making was almost deafening. As the probe approached Earth it was causing all kinds of chaos and would literally destroy the Earth. To get to the point the noise was that made by a particular type of whale which was extinct in that year they were in. The probe was actually calling the whales, but with no response. To finish the story, some of the Enterprise crew went back in time and got one of those whales and brought it to the present. Thus the whale was able to answer the call from the probe and the probe was satisfied and stopped calling out and all was well.

This story parallels with the gospel of God in that the father is crying out for his sons to respond to him. It is a sound that is heard mainly by the hearts of men and women and not by our natural ears.

The thing I've come to realize is that the sons are also crying out to the Father all the time and not even knowing what that cry is or how to recognize it.

Rom 8:15
For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father

We have quoted this scripture and some of us have truly felt that pull and have cried out in time of need "Abba Father". Sense some have had spiritual encounters then this part of us seems to have been awakened and we have some knowledge of its existence, though still not fully.

What we didn't know however is that the spirit of His son is crying out all the time in so many different ways.

Let me unveil a few of these ways we have been crying out.

* You wake up in the morning by the alarm clock and you groan because you don't want to go in at your job. Whats wrong? Why are you groaning? Someone is crying out for more.

* You been let down by a lover and your heart is wounded and you feel lost and don't know what to do. Why are you hurt? Maybe you know how bad you want to love and be loved. You have much to give and now no where to give it.

* You look in your wallet or your bank account and there is not even enough to meet your bills, much less your debt. Oh how you would like to be able to spend money on a great vacation, or really help someone in need, but with what. You groan again. Why? Something inside is saying that these things don't line up with the desires of your heart. Your mind says God is holding you back, but somehow you know that's not true.

*You have a handicap or know someone with one and somehow that just don't feel right. “Whats wrong” your heart cries, but you just learn to live with it thinking that’s all you get. But why are things this way? Your heart sinks in despair but it don't let go. It all seems like a lie somehow.

* You pray and seek God over and over again. You ask and attempt to believe you will get if you ask, but you only seem to get the crumbs. Did not Jesus say that if you believe you will have whatsoever you believe. Even though you haven’t been walking there, you know what he said is true. How do you know? Well its not because so many people are getting what thy want, most their results are about like yours with only a few answered prayers. But yet you know that there is more and that there is a higher way to live.

I could literally go on and on, but the point I'm making is that the frustrations of life are the key. They let you know that there is a higher call or a more powerful way to live. I don't think that Jesus was just tormenting the human race when he said “whatsoever” you ask in prayer believing, then you would have it.

In your gut you know this is true, don't you?

Don't buy into the excuses for why these things are not true. Most of our teachings that water down the statements Jesus made are just “doctrines of devils”. Why would we settle for less when our heart is crying out to be validated by our Father as unlimited people in what we chose to believe. Why would we have wholesome desires if there is no possible way for them to come to pass.

I say “Let the Son connect to his Father and reveal that union in his heart and actions”

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