The Door of Repentance

Posted by Tony L Smith on Wednesday, December 29, 2010


   It would be real bad if there was no way to repent, meta neo, or change ones mind. What if we were forever stuck with the results our thinking has brought in our lives. This would be a place of no mercy, no hope. It would be a way of life you could not change.
   So the ability to repent is a gift from God, an open door to come out from a way of thinking and into a better way of thinking.
   Our way of thinking has led to our actions, which have caused the results in our lives, yes even the results we hate. This is not to say that we caused our thinking to be a certain way, but we must except the fact that we have allowed it to stay that way.
   We are now responsible for the way we think! We can change it!
   Some of the thoughts that lead to bad results in our lives are thoughts like ‘God wants to punish me for all the bad I have done‘, ‘I’m just a bad seed‘, ‘I’ll never be as good as so and so’ , ‘I don’t think I can handle life anymore’ , ‘I’ll never get ahead’ etc.. You could add to this list on and on.
   It is no wonder that John the baptist, and Jesus himself both entered the public scene with the same call "repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand"
   To say this in another way is "Change your thinking, someone who thinks clearer and better is here to rule rightly with mercy and power." Then of course Jesus started demonstrating the new way of thinking by healing all that were sick, and teaching mercy, and forgiveness. He was changing the way we thought about the Fathers heart, and how the Father feels toward us. He was helping us repent. Later He would send Holy Spirit to help us repent.
   Meta Neo is one of the main Greek words that is translated into repent. Meta means to change or transform, such as the metamorphous of the caterpillar into the butterfly. Neo of course is the mind or the thinking.

Change mind. Think differently.

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