The Leaping Babe

Posted by Tony L Smith on Sunday, November 8, 2015

For, lo, as soon as the voice of thy salutation sounded in mine ears, the babe leaped in my womb for joy.

The above text taken from the book of Luke 1:44 reveals how John the Baptist in Elizabeth’s womb responded to the voice of Mary the mother of Jesus. He leaped for joy. Not doubt this had a lot to do with being in the presence of the promised messiah. Also, even though both baby's were still inside of their mothers, his spirit was aware of his calling. John not only knew this was Jesus but he became aware of the direction of his own purpose, to prepare the way. Something in John identified with the purpose that he was in the presence of.

I don't know how many times our spirit has leaped within us when in the presence of truth. It is as if something on the inside knows our purpose. Sometimes it's more powerful than other times, but its always a quickening like feeling. That my friend is the babe of purpose trying to wake the rest of your person up.

You can be at a good meeting, or during a worship service when it happens. You could be reading a book about a topic you are interested in when it leaps. You might be talking to someone when a calling or desire to do something is felt within you.

You could be studying or just thinking about a need you have seen and felt when the babe leaps. Sometimes it may only stir within you.

Our spiritual senses have become so dulled by things we deal with, cares of the world, worries about what others think of us, and so on. So when the babe leaps within us we think that this is just a pie in the sky feeling and we dismiss it. We choose to just do it like everyone else does it, just conform to the group that most fits your beliefs while all along there is a baby within you being dulled back to sleep.

As with John, in the physical or natural realm his seemed to be a purpose or direction and then it was over.

With us it also is like John's purpose, something to do while we are living and serving on this earth. With us it is also something being awakened to the promise, Christ within. It is a kingdom commissioning to rule and reign with Christ or in Christ.

So with us it not only a calling but a desire to possess the promise. The babe within us is in the image of its father and so naturally wants to grow up and be like its father.

So Christ within you wants to grow up in stature and fulfill a destiny that you alone can fill.

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