The Root of Desire

Posted by Tony L Smith on Friday, October 30, 2015

The Root of Desire

Most of the time we think that we have to ask God to do things for us. To help us with our life, to fix this or fix that. To heal this or that, to give us money, jobs, more strength to live etc..

I am starting to realize that we haven't fully understood our position in him, or his position in us. Sense the father created us, we seem to feel he just set us down here on this earth, gave us a few ability’s, desires, insights and told us to go and have at it. When things don't go so well, we ask for a little help or clarity to try and figure out whats going wrong.

We seem to think that the desire to have a better life is just that, a desire or a hope that we as humans have. We fell to realize that the desire to live a victorious life did not originate with us. We didn't just come up with some wants and desires and then decide to ask him to bless them.

In all our awesome and cool teachings I think we still have missed the main communion of the Holy one. It was not our desire to be fulfilled in the first place, its was and is His. This desire in our hearts is the very essence of the overcoming one. Sense we feel separate from him, then we don't feel our desire to win is really him in us, we just think it's us, wanting to do better in life or please him and make him proud of us. All along it was him in us as “desire” longing to overcome all our issues, weaknesses and failures.

Its as if the father placed himself inside of a race of darkened minds and hearts, made himself limited to our fears and doubts and then allowed himself to hope for victory in each individual vessel. The hope inside of us is God trying to be accepted by you as your desire. He wants to win in you, through you, and for you. To deny your desire for a better life is to deny God his desire, “you winning”.

God's desire to have you is not to have you as a pet, but to fill you with all things pertaining to life and godliness, to win in you and through you.

We must stop separating our longings to live victoriously from there source. We were never alone, just blind to the fact it was God pouring His desire through us.

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