Understanding of man swept away

Posted by Tony L Smith on Sunday, March 20, 2011

This word came March 19,2011, but I realize it had been around for a long time, I just decided to step up to the plate and release it.
The word is alive and quickening, the awakening has begun
More, more, more as the tidal waves of divine understanding crumbles the understanding of man, yes even the so called Christian ones. If God isn’t more, then who is, us? Understanding will be shaken, revelations heightened as principals laid up by man will be swept aside.
More, more, more who possible could have more but the Lord! The walls must fail, He will have His delight.
More, more, more or did you think that, this was it? The Spirit and the Bride say come.
More, more, more A quickening is coming to the sold out ones and a release will change the face of understanding even to a place where the former will not be known.
Swing wide oh ancient doors, and the King of Glory will come in. The earth is in travail, reeling like a drunken man, like a sickened woman laboring for the release of the promise.
More, more, more Time will quicken as the face of manifestation reveals the Lord of Host and His desire is redeemed from bondage


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