What is Word?

Posted by Tony L on Saturday, October 24, 2015

What is word?

When we think about words we naturally think about the things we say. We think about talking and we imagine that speaking is the most powerful thing there is to do.

We don't really understand what word is.

Let me take you to two different statements Jesus made concerning our words

1. Jesus told the religious rulers of his day that they honor him with there mouth, but there heart is far from him. By saying this he implied that they were lying because what they said didn't agree with how they felt on the inside. Thus they were not whole in their thinking and speaking.

2. Jesus said in another place that out of the abundance of your heart your mouth speaks. In this example he is almost saying the exact opposite thing by saying that you will speak what your heart is full of.

These are two different views on the same subject matter, what you speak. If the words spoken by one is a lie because it doesn't agree with your heart and the other is words spoken that perfectly agree with your heart leads us to believe that the statement “the word” means much more than just what you speak.

I am convinced that the two examples given in which Jesus is teaching truth can be about the same person. The same person in two different circumstances. In the first circumstance we are saying what we think we should. We may be saying what we believe is the right thing to say or feel it is the answer others would approve of. We may be saying what we want to believe. But these words don't totally agree with what we believe in our heart.

The second example is a conversation of a different nature altogether in that these words spoken are not always spoken audibly but no the less they are spoken continually. These words are the meditations of our hearts and they agree totally with what we feel is true now. In conversations less open to others these words do come out. Also when life backs you in a corner these words come out. The real meditations of our heart will be exposed, but not to condemn you.

So if the spoken words agree with what we feel, then they are pure “word”. At least they are “our pure word” even if they are not pure in regard to love, truth and character. They may not be wholesome, beneficial or constructive but they still are powerful in the area of our influence. This why James said the tongue is the littlest member that controls the whole body and the course of nature and is set on fire of hell. Strong words that none the less have been true.

So real “word” is when heart and mouth agree. Real “word” is intention of heart, or desire of heart and can be easily polluted by confused the things of this age. They are formed by the thoughts we keep company with, pure or unpure.

On of the biggest lies we deal with but continue to do is justifying our thoughts by our religion, family, culture, race, or any other thought pattern we have been influence by. We feel its too painful to change them so we defend them to our death, and yet they are the thoughts that have brought us so much unrest in our mind and body.

On a higher note the creators words were always exactly what he felt. There was not pattern to conform to and nobody to keep happy. This is why John said “in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God...and the same was the beginning with God.” There was no divide, God and “word” were the same. Everything intended manifested. Everything we intend manifest also for we were made just like him. The problem has not been in lack of power, but lack of purity. We have lacked the innocence that only comes with pure thoughts. Our results have been confused, unsatisfying and limiting just like our thoughts or our continuous “word” has been.

The answer has always been the same “Meta Neo” or change the way you think for the Kingdom of God is upon you. Only by changing the meditations our your heart will your life change and stay changed.

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