When words are important

Posted by Tony L Smith on Saturday, January 22, 2011
   I have had a lot of schooling on the words we speak. Things like declaring the truth as God would have it. These include things like confessing your healing, your deliverance. Confessing good relationships, prosperity and so on.
   I have found that when you are in an atmosphere where truth is being taught, it is easy to speak correctly, and it is trully important to do so. During these times, you may feel a little awkward, but you know it is the correct thing to do.
   But the most importany time to be bold, and make prophetic declarations is when your back is against the wall. These are the times when you don't feel it, and your circumstances are screeming at you. Nothing looks like the prophetic declaration that you spoke when things were clearer.
   Usually during these times of trial, your mouth utters the things that it sees and feels. Meaning it agrees with the situation at hand, therefore releasing the power to keep it that way. Or no change in life. You choose to keep the curse by what you say.
   But if you listen to the unction of the Holy one inside of you at this time, you can still speak the truth of what you desire God to do.
   Your words at the time your back is against the wall become a pivot point for the goodness of God to flow to you.
   It seems like it is very important to speak correctly when it is the hardest thing in the world to do!
   But it is at this time your words become a path declared for the Lord. 'Make strait His paths' Don't bring confusion to the spirit world.
   I hear people say 'I don't know what God is doing' refering to their situation. Maybe God is saying 'I don't know what you are doing' He can't bless a plan that you are unclear of. Whats to bless.
   You got His word, let it create direction in you, then speak it into manifestation. He can't fill an unprepared vessel. There is no where to put the blessing.
   Make room for a life changing God!

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