Who's Your Daddy

Posted by Tony L Smith on Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Identity you walk in.

Where did you get your identity from? Is the person you act like the person you are supposed to be? Are you a Christian, but don't feel like you act like one? Where did the seed come from that has birthed your actions, fears, loves and hates?

It seems that most guys and girls don't have a clue who they are. Their identity has been controlled by what they have been around. TV commercials, Radio music, Clubs, friends, and even church circles etc.. The little they know of their earthly father, if they know him at all, has left them with a unsure image of what or who they are. Since their earthly fathers didn't know who they were either, we were left to be controlled by what the other influences have told us we are to be, and this has become our 'Identity'

The word of the hour is "Identity" Webster Dictionary says-state of having the same nature or character with: absolute sameness, as opposed to mere similarity.

In other words 'A man is as a man does', or as Forest Gump better put it "stupid is as stupid does" Our actions prove who we think we are'. So who is the father of our character. Why do we act like we do.

Our nature has been controlled by images of what the world says a man should be. Although all the images are not bad. Most images presented have no foundation as to why they exist or where they came from.

So these influences that the world has given us has been the "Father of who we are". So who has been our daddy? Kinda think it ain't been God. There is only one other, Jesus called him 'the Father of Lies' Satan the accuser.

Sort of hard to say and except that the Devil has been our daddy, but its true. Our actions really prove who our father has been. We can no longer say that God is our father when we act like the Devil most of the time.

Maybe we need to put ourselves up for adoption!

So what do we do to become who we are created to be? Divorce the image that the world said you are to be and be joined to another's image!

We have only thus far known one father. But it is time to know or become acquainted with another one. We have heard about him all our life, but have seldom had or took the time to know Him. He is the true Father, yet he is barely known.

How can our 'Identity' be changed into the image of our new Father if we barely know him.

We must yield totally to him and commit our energy to get to know the father, to get to know his fully developed son Jesus, and to get to know His Holy Spirit that he sent to conform us to his son.

The more we get to know him, the more we realize we are not much like him. But because he loves us and misses us, he instead of rejecting us turns toward us and reveals that we were destined to be just like him, or in better words become a son of his nature. So as our shame is exposed he removes it and replaces it with his nature.

Here are a few ways to get to know him:

1. Accept his son and the work he did for you

2. Read your bible daily - it's like a mirror and unveiling of him and his plan for us

3. Pray and give him honor, importance, and freedom to move in every area of your life

4. Get to know Holy Spirit. He is your guilde. He will do the work in you

5. Listen to God honoring music, tapes, CD's etc.. We really are what we eat. Don't give Holy Spirit a lot of extra stuff to have to clean out of you.

6. Pray for others and *** forgive everyone. ***

You know there is more that you can do, but you get the hint.

*Remember it's not about how good you can be, but how much you know your real daddy. Your heavenly Father.

Don't let the Lord say at the end of your life. 'I never knew you', because you never let him touch you with his words and change you. Let him be your Father! Daddy!

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