Jesus in the Lotto line

Posted by Tony L Smith on Saturday, February 5, 2011

I was coming through town on the way home one Friday evening after work. To my surprise as I passed by one well visited convenience store I saw Jesus standing there in the Lottery line as it extended outside the door of the store into the parking lot.

I was so overjoyed to see Him and yet at the same time curious as to what He was doing there. He was talking among the people in line with Him, but His demeanor, it seemed casual in nature and not as if He was trying to counsel or heal any of them. Curiosity got the best of me and I had to stop.

I whipped my truck into the parking lot and ran over to where He was standing in line. He never even looked my way, He just kept laughing and talking to the person in front of Him.

I asked the lady behind Jesus if I could cut in line for a few minutes, promising her I would get back out of line before we entered the store, she said OK.

Jesus turned around as if sensing I was there and said "you are wondering why I am here?"

"Well yes sir, I really am, the curiosity is driven me nuts" I said

Jesus replied " Its simple really, I know it looks kinda goofy, but sometimes I have to result to this kind of stuff to bless my children. If I win big maybe I can spread it around to the most needy of my children. At least they can get by for a little while longer."

"But why..." I curiously proclaimed

He started answering before I could finish my question " Its not that I’m unable to provide. I really can do anything, and I really mean I can do anything"

He paused to see the longing in my eyes for Him to go on, then He continued. " The ones I have ordained to teach my word seem to leave out a lot of understanding. They believe that ministry hand outs are the way to show my love in the purest expression. They just keep on giving and trying to help others." He seemed to identify with the strain of this continual effort His servants were experiencing.

As He saw the shocked look on my face He continued " Oh don’t get me wrong, I am really pleased that my servants are so willing to give, and yet it grieves me to see them burn out trying to help my little ones and not see much change in those they are helping. The ones they help just seem to keep coming back for more and more help"

As He said this I saw that He was almost at tears, and I knew that because of His willingness to not let anyone go without provision He continued to let this saga go on.

He turned back to me and said " I am so glad you stopped, I have been longing for someone to notice me standing in this line."

Seeing the mood in His eyes light up, I tuned in closer as He went on. "Can you do me a favor?" I shook my head as He continued " Can you get the message to my leaders to change the way they minister after they meet the needs that are present? Can you tell them that my children find fulfillment not by getting their needs met, but by entering into my law of sowing and reaping?

When a man or woman sees themselves in a place that they always need to be helped out of, and helped almost daily, it really destroys their worth. They inwardly feel they are a strain to society, even if they don’t express these feelings.

My Father didn’t create any thing that should have to live like this. Giving and receiving are at the core of everybody created. Everybody was created to fill their place of being. Everybody was designed to prosper in all they do, and to produce."

" But what about the ones that truly are unable?" I questioned

He continued, focused to make His point more clear "I know there are limitations that are on certain ones, but if my leaders would somehow teach and even give these ones something to accomplish or produce for the sake of others, then not only would they feel more fulfilled, it would cause more balance and advancement in my people.

Mankind was created in my Fathers image and likeness. One of these attributes is the ability to increase along with the desire to do so.

All creation is still growing from the original words my Father released.

My people on the earth are so confused and downcast in their understanding that they don’t comprehend the natural order of things. Everything seems like dead ends to them, but this is only and illusion brought about by lies.

When my Father breathed the first breathe into man, Adam became a living, producing, prospering soul. He was not only faultless, he was progressive."

"Wow" I commented "So ministry should bring the hearts of your people back to the original intent when creation started"

"Exactly" He chimed in, excited that I was seeing what He was saying. "I finished the work to remove confusion and guilt that make mankind feel so unworthy when I shed my blood.

Please let them know that the ability has always been inside of them, and that I have made them worthy producers and over-comers. I can bless any ones desire to increase their ability to bring more than an empty hand to the table. I truly want them to be a part of the team"

He paused, then said " I really would like to get out of this Lottery line as soon as possible and back in the place of power. I would like to get into the flow of what my people are doing to bring increase in my body and blessing to earth. But I’m kinda stuck here till the message of ministry changes from a ‘handout station’ to a ‘producing organism’

Then He turned back to the person in front of Him and started talking again.

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