If Jesus had held on to any bitterness, anger, judgments, or even wished for any retaliation against his accusers then the spirit of holiness would not have declared him the son of God and raised him from the dead. So what about you, can the spirit of holiness declare you son of God and raise you out of your circumstances.

If we didn't have the ability already to control our mind and its thoughts, then Jesus wouldn't have commanded us to change our mind.

Meta Neo

You can except where you are are and You must understand who you are, but you don't have to settle for your current experience, as to hold it in present form. Growth is not only a command of creation, its a must

The World Owes Us Nothing, Except That Which We Believe. Your true belief is the seed of your next crop, good or bad 

Where is the Lord Now?

No longer will I only dwell in the Historical fact that Christ overcome all and is seated in a separate place from us, but I will pour my heart, mind and strength into the present ‘now’ reality that He dwells among and in us as the one who overcomes!.. The shout of a King is in their mist (or in our hearts).