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Hi Tony,
 I read your book and thought it was great. The different fonts really helped keep things clear and organized for me.  That was a good idea.  I liked how you connected old ideas to things that are true today or experiences from your own life.  Examples always make things clearer. It's funny I was taking a long, hot bath to soak my shoulder  (thought I broke it but it was just pulled muscle) and brought the book in with me.  I couldn't put it down, and sat in the tub until the book was finished and the water was cold. I didn't expect to do that. You have a nice folksy way of writing. You asked and answered questions that I didn't even realize I was wondering about until I read your book.  It was very informative and really got me thinking.
I'm very proud to be connected with you and your work. Thank you so much for the great opportunity.

Let's remove satan from your and my heaven. Reclaim your spot with the Father

The Rise and Fall of Satan

by Tony L Smith

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AWC's Dave Viljoen reveals valuable insight into the work of a religious spirit, and the power of priestly seed.

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Price $10.00 

You know, God wants to invite you into the center of His exciting purposes and He wants to equip you for the days that are ahead. Yes, the hour we’re living in is filled with great shakings and dealings, but with a spirit-filled perspective we can be part of an army of "overcomers" who pioneer with God in a realm not yet fully seen in the earth.

If there is only one thing that you will remember from this teaching I would like it to be:-You were created on purpose by God; you are not a mistake, created by Devine design for His purpose. You are somebody, for He made you, on purpose, by purpose, with purpose.